Cyber Monday sales may top Black Friday’s $1-billion online spending

For the first time, online spending topped $1 billion on Friday, but today’s Cyber Monday sales are expected to generate $1.5 billion and possibly more, according to a report. Online retail spending on Black Friday was up 26% from last year, with 57.3 million Americans visiting an online retail site, according to comScore, an analysis firm. That number was … Read more

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ISDF Site Concept v4

November 16th, 2012
ISDF Site Concept v4

Please click the images below to view full size. Description: Below is the concept for the ISDF site. All elements removed from the primary color buttons. Link images changed. Contact photo left as is since there are no decent photos of moms on the phone with kids in the background. Mom either looks tired or … Read more

Romney Losing 11 Facebook Likes Per Minute

What happens to candidates’ Facebook pages after an election? It’s a question no one has really had to address before, but prior to the 2012 election, more than 110,000 political Facebook pages were created, including more than 11,000 for candidates, so it’s hard to ignore. The Washington Post first picked up on the drop in Mitt Romney‘s Facebook fans Friday, … Read more

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Pinterest Introduces Business Accounts and Tools

Pinterest paved the way for greater business participation on Tuesday with the launch of a new set of resources designed just for them. Companies will now be able to create business accounts, which allows them to enter just a business name — rather than a first and last — and verify their websites using a hidden … Read more

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Presentation Samples – New Bethel

The following is a customized representation of a few of our past and present KingdomBlox clients. Live Websites:   Pending websites: (click to enlarge)              Other Services: Tribulation Christmas United Believers Community Church Urban Scholastic Center A. Carter Vincent Consortium Logos and Print … Read more