Now Anyone Can Make Money From YouTube

YouTube’s been full of adverts for a long ol’time—but for users to make money from it, they had to be approved by Google as being popular, in turn becoming a “partner” and grabbing a tiny slice of advertising revenue. Not anymore, now any old Joe can make money out of their video. The new announcement means that … Read more

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Facebook One-Ups Google With A Kind Of ‘Facebook+’

Your FB Email, Timeline Names Are Now Linked Up Facebook today announced a change for how people can find you on its network — a move for more consistency, but also another route to getting people to use more email in Facebook, and secure its place as the center of your web life. Facebook is now … Read more

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Bigger profile images come to Facebook, just days after Google+ did the same

Over the course of the last week, Facebook has started to roll out a small improvement to Facebook profiles, increasing the size of a user’s profile picture on their Timeline, a move that comes just days after Google updated Google+ profilesto sport a larger photo. Previously, a photo measured 130 x 125 pixels, overlaying a user’s … Read more

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Google To 20,000 Sites: You May Have Been Hacked

Google sends message to webmasters about “weird redirects” Google has been sending out a lot of messages to webmasters lately. A lot have been getting them based on questionable links pointing to their sites, in relation to Google’s cracking down on paid blog/link networks. Now, over 20,000 sites have received messages from Google for a very … Read more

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Joplin Prom Project Invite v1.0

Please click the images below to view full size. Description: Below is the concept for the Joplin Prom Project Special Needs Prom 4×6 invite. The design follows a whimsical, enchanted theme inspired by typical Disney art design. Larger, bolder typefaces are used to accommodate any visual impairments present in the audience. Please keep in mind that colors … Read more

How To Customize Facebook Timeline Thumbnail Images

Many timelines on pages still have somewhat outdated tabs, resulting in unattractive thumbnail icons in the applications area. Here are six easy steps to fix that, taking advantage of a simple but important branding opportunity. Step 1: Click on the down arrow that appears to the right of all the thumbnail icons. This will reveal all your timeline tabs, which, … Read more

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Facebook Buys Instagram for $1 Billion [BREAKING]

Facebook snapped up the hugely popular photo-sharing app Instagram Monday, for roughly $1 billion in a combination of cash and stock. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the acquisition in a post on his Facebook Timeline Monday. The sale is expected to close later this quarter, and will bring the 8-person staff of Instagram to the social network. “For years, we’ve … Read more

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Mehta Obesity Center April Support Group Reminder v1

Please click the images below to view full size. Description: Below is the concept for the email blast template. We are at this point, seeking final approval so we can move forward. Please review the images below and leave any comments, changes, and/or your final approval below. Remember, there may be elements that are … Read more