Facebook Tests User Page Recommendations

Facebook has begun testing a new feature that enables users to recommend pages to their friends as they’re browsing around the site. While page administrators could always suggest their own content to friends, Facebook never asked users to promote other pages before.  So we wonder what determines whether or not this box is displayed to … Read more

Facebook Testing New Photo Viewer

You can say this for the Facebook developers, they certainly don’t rest on their laurels. Whatever design Facebook is currently using, rest assured they are working on an upgrade, threatening to remove the comfort the current design provides. And if you don’t think there isn’t any outcry when Facebook introduces changes, you haven’t been paying attention. … Read more

Mehta Obesity Newsletter Concept

Please click the image to view full size. Description: This will be the template in which all future email blasts will follow. So we need your approval for that as well as the content for the Before & After photo email blast. Please review the link below and leave any comments, changes, and/or your final … Read more

Verify My Account Spam Runs Rampant On Facebook

In the past few hours a new application has begun spreading on Facebook which has found an exploit in the existing sharing system. Whatever you do, don’t click the link described below. The system is pretty straight forward. It suggests that you click “VERIFY MY ACCOUNT” within a link which ultimately results in the user … Read more

Google Celebrates Martha Graham With Amazing Dancing Logo

If your search page looks a bit more dramatic than usual today, it’s because Google is celebrating what would have been American dancer and choreographer Martha Graham’s 117th birthday. The Doodle joins a growing canon of elaborate logos, this one including a dancer who executes six Graham-inspired dance routines to spell out “Google.” Graham died in 1991 … Read more