Facebook Profiles Can Now Convert Into Pages

You can now convert a personal profile into a business page. The social network never formally announced this new capability but Facebook’s help center explains how to convert a profile to a page. In fact, seven different help entries describe this process, making it look like this has been an option all along when in fact it’s … Read more

Google’s gigabit fiber network to be built in Kansas City, Kansas

We were just wondering what Google was doing with that super-fast gigabit network it promised to set up in one lucky city and here’s finally a fresh development. The winner has been chosen and it’s Kansas City, Kansas. Having the winning community in its own state will be quite the bitter pill for the people of Topeka … Read more

Welcome To LeverDigital!

March 24th, 2011

We are pleased to welcome you to the LeverDigital family of clients! We will strive to exceed your expectations and make sure that you are fully informed throughout the entire life cycle of your project. Our passion is seeing your business grow and thrive online. So if you have any questions, ideas, concerns or suggestions, … Read more

How to Edit Facebook Comments… After you post it!

Facebook’s rolled out a new comment system, with real-time updates and more streamlined sharing. What you may not realize is that you can also edit your comments after you post them. Here’s how. The new comment system is a little off-putting (I don’t know why they felt the need to get rid of the share … Read more

Does Your Business Rely on the Accidental Referral?

Businesses run on referrals. Just ask any business owner or salesperson what their No. 1 source of new business is, and you’re likely to hear some variation on the theme of referrals. But ask that same business owner, salesperson, or marketer what they do to consistently generate referrals, and you won’t hear much. I’ve always … Read more