Joseph is an Account Executive with LeverDigital. He is a recent College graduate from Donnelly College with a Bachelors of Applied Science in Organizational Leadership with concentrations in Mathematics and Physical Sciences. The vast majority of his work experience has been in tutoring but he has had other employment in various industries.  He has also been a  Certified Nursing Assistant and repaired and operated industrial hole punches in the printing industry.

His sales experience had been in the areas of telecommunications, direct marketing and  life insurance.  This has prepared him with an understanding of what it takes for a business to be successful in both the physical and online realms whether it is through problem solving, scheduling, prioritizing, having to “wear multiple hats”, or just having a desire to help others.

He  enjoys dancing, tutoring, cooking, reading, listening to music, watching movies, and spending time with his brothers and sisters in Christ.  Joseph’s learning attitude and teaching spirit are going to make him an excellent addition to our team.

Contact him directly:

Office Phone: 816.479.0499 x119
Cell Phone: 972.974.6168

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