Solutions For Every Need

LeverDigital offers a full suite of services that are both scalable and flexible to accommodate clients with a variety of needs and budgets. Our solutions allow you to scale as your needs grow, to minimize risk and maximize return on investment. We are dedicated to your online success and driven to exceed your expectations.

Web Strategy

Social Media. Blogs. Email. Microsites. Paid Search. SEO. What do you need to build an effective marketing program? As the list of digital marketing tools grow, marketers are increasingly challenged to understand what will resonate with their customers. We help you utilize multiple digital marketing channels to create impactful, cohesive campaigns that will attract new customers and build stronger relationships with your existing base.

Paid Search & SEO

Anyone can set up a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, but it takes a deep understanding of search engine marketing strategy and ongoing monitoring to create effective campaigns that generate qualified website traffic and top search engine placement. LeverDigital will help you develop an effective search strategy and create PPC campaigns that expand your online reach.

Social Marketing

We are experts at finding your customers, knowing what motivates them and creating emotional connections to your brand where they spend their time. Social marketing increases visibility of your product or company and helps future customers identify with your brand in a memorable way. More than just facebook, twitter, check-in, or viral strategies, it’s about using those connections to encourage consumers to develop a relationship with your brand.


Identity is no longer only a logo and the “look and feel” of your print design. Brand consistency must span all of your print design, website design, blog, social media platforms, and online ads. LeverDigital knows how to best leverage your brand identity across your entire marketing mix.

Web Design

Whether you are a small business or a large company, a professional and dynamic website is vital for ongoing growth, increased sales and an established position in your specific industry. LeverDigital’s web development team specializes in designing compelling digital destinations that connect with your customers on an emotional level.


Ecommerce is not just a “buy now” button or a shopping cart. To compete and be successful online, it takes sound web strategy, a solid business plan, and an easy and safe shopping experience that exceeds customers’ expectations. This formula has helped our clients achieve millions in annual sales. LeverDigital’s revolutionary Ecommerce service is focused on optimizing your landing pages, improving your conversion rates and increasing your revenues.


Our in-house development team is skilled in all things web, from mobile apps to immersive digital destinations to full scale enterprise web systems.

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