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Facebook Launches Clickable Hashtags #Finally

File this one under “It’s About Time.” Today, in a post on its news blog, Facebook announced it would finally be rolling out functional, clickable hashtags. Hallelujah (#NoSarcasm). Facebook indicates the update is in response to the fact that until now, “there has not been asimple way to see the larger view of what’s happening or … Read more

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Facebook Unveils Verified Pages And Profiles, Takes A Page From Twitter’s Playbook

Facebook has just announced a new verified feature for pages and profiles, designed to give high-profile accounts an added level of authenticity. This is clearly a straightforward copy of Twitter’s own verified accounts, and even features a similar, small blue checkmark to indicate that a person or business is indeed the legitimate account holder. The mark appears … Read more

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Google+ Begins Rolling Out Vanity URLs

Google+ is introducing vanity URLs, allowing users to further customize their profile pages, the company announced Monday. The vanity URLs are short, easy-to-remember web addresses that link directly to a member’s profile or page on Google+, according to a blog post by employee Saurabh Sharma. The new addresses will be markedly different from their current format. Right now, … Read more

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Facebook provides reach data directly on Timeline posts

Some Facebook page owners can now view certain post metrics directly from their Timeline, including the percentage of fans that saw a given post and the percentage of those who saw the post as a result of paid promotion. This gives page owners an at-a-glance understanding of how many fans they are reaching. Or, more … Read more

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Facebook Slashes Ad Size, To Squeeze More Of Them In

February 29 was mentioned again in a context that had to do with advertising and marketing on Facebook, and this time it involves the number of characters that can be included in the body of ads. Facebook account managers are apparently telling page managers that at the end of month, the character limit for the body … Read more

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