Google Chrome Update Will Decrease Data Usage by Up to 50%

                Google will release an update to the mobile version of Chrome, which promises to decrease data usage while browsing by as much as 50%. Google announced the upcoming changes to its browser Wednesday in a blog post, saying, “Chrome’s data compression and bandwidth management can reduce data usage by … Read more

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ScuffGate? Some Early Adopters Claim iPhone 5 Case Is Scratch-tacular.

It wouldn’t be another iPhone launch without a surrounding air of controversy. Or two. Complaints about the new Apple-created Maps in iOS 6 continue to pour in, as users find more things that appear to be a step back from the previous Google Maps-powered application. But the software issues may only scratch the surface of … Read more

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Mobile ads can hijack your phone and steal your contacts

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Those pesky pop-up ads  from the ’90s are back, but this time they’re holding your smartphone hostage. Tens of thousands of smartphone apps are running ads from rogue advertising networks that change smartphone settings and take contact information without permission, according to a new study released Monday Aggressive ad networks can disguise ads … Read more

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Facebook Officially Launches App Center

The leak is now a launch, as Facebook began rolling out its app center to users in the U.S. Thursday night, saying that it will be available to all users “in the coming weeks.” App center is available via the Facebook applications for Apple’s iOS and Android, as well as via Users who discover apps on the latter can tap the send … Read more

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