Pinterest Introduces Business Accounts and Tools

Pinterest paved the way for greater business participation on Tuesday with the launch of a new set of resources designed just for them. Companies will now be able to create business accounts, which allows them to enter just a business name — rather than a first and last — and verify their websites using a hidden … Read more

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Stop Wasting Time Now: Mistakes That Successful Entrepreneurs Must Avoid

Do you ever feel so busy with the day-to-day aspects of your business that there’s not enough time to work on your world-changing ideas? Does your business fall apart when you do spend time working on your big dreams? You don’t have to trade off your big dreams for your daily operations. By streamlining your … Read more

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3 Signs Your Facebook Marketing Needs To Get Serious

Here are three common mindsets among people who aren’t heading down the right path in social media. 1. My Son Or Daughter Does That For Me If your son or daughter is a college graduate with a broad-based education that includes a degree in mass communications, I’d say you may be on the right track. However, … Read more

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