LeverDigital Referral Program

At LeverDigital, we know that our clients are satisfied when they recommend our company’s products and services to their business colleagues, friends and family members. Most of our customers have come from people like you who trust that we will care for their friends and family as if they are our own. To say thank you for your valuable recommendations, we are excited to offer compensation for your referral efforts through the LeverDigital Client Referral Program. With the Client Referral Program, you can submit names of other businesses that you think may benefit from our services. When your referrals buy our services, you get paid!

Terms and Conditions:

  • The offer of a 10% referral bonus is open to anyone who’s interested.
  • To qualify for the full 10% bonus, the referral must be expecting our our call and prepared for a consultation. Otherwise the referral is 5%.
  • In the event that we receive the same referral from two sources, the first one received and dated will be the only referral eligible for the credit.
  • Referral bonus is not valid if the referred company already exists in The LeverDigital database as a contact, lead, or current client.
  • The referred client must sign a contract within 3 months of the given referral date.
  • Upon verification of the completed contract, a check or credit voucher will be mailed within 60 days for up to 10% of the referral’s contract price. (net after discounts and promotions)

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