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Cover design for the  Book of Health series. Two versions are presented for your choice and approval. Also a 3-D render of the book is presented below.

Please review the images below and leave any comments, changes, and/or your final approval below. Remember, there may be elements that are animated or that change state with user input that will not be represented in the concepts. Please contact your account exec if you have questions about those objects. If you are giving your final approval please copy and paste the following statement into the reply section below:

“I [your name], approve of the above content and give my consent to move to the next stage in the project.”

E-book Cover – Red


E-book Cover – Blue


E-book Cover – 3D

2 Responses

  • rodneymalisos says:

    Hi Randall!

    Gina and I spent the weekend reviewing your progress.

    The look of the book is very good. We like the red (and of course the red logo to go with it).

    One question on it… Is there a way to have my whole name in the picture (my lab coat is ‘cut off’ and only says, “Dr.”). Can we adjust the picture so we see, “Dr. Malisos”?

    In a worst-case scenario, I think I’d at least want to see what could be done with photo-shopping my name and moving it to the left on the picture to see how it looked if widening the picture did not fit properly.


  • rodneymalisos says:

    “I, Rodney Malisos, approve of the above content and give my consent to move to the next stage in the project and ideally would like to see a version with “Dr. Malisos” from my lab coat on the cover so I may review that as well.” As mentioned, we prefer the red theme. 🙂

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