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Below is the concept for the El Dorado new chef feature. This will be placed in the rotating slider images on the homepage and will link to a blog post with the supporting content in the new blog. You can view the blog post here.  Please keep in mind that colors and images are all editable and are to be considered place holders at this point. We are only evaluating the basic framework of the design and placement of elements. We are at this point, seeking final approval so we can move forward.

Please review the images below and leave any comments, changes, and/or your final approval below. Remember, there may be elements that are animated or that change state with user input that will not be represented in the concepts. Please contact your account exec if you have questions about those objects. If you are giving your final approval please copy and paste the following statement into the reply section below:

“I [your name], approve of the above content and give my consent to move to the next stage in the project.”


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  • vishalmehta says:

    I like the photo. I would also like to add the few descriptive sentences that I submitted.

    • LeverDigital says:

      There would not be space on the photo or time to read them as the photo rotates. Once clicked, it links to a page in the blog that has all of the content you sent over. The link to the blog page is listed above. This give greater impact from the home slider image and gets SEO impact from the text in his description. Let me know if you’d still like to put the content in the image.


  • vishalmehta says:

    We can go ahead with Deepak’s page, as you’re suggesting.
    One problem i’m having is that as the website is loading slowly, which I assume is because of the music that starts automatically. Can the website upload quicker while still keeping the music?

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