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Below is the concept for Cowgirl Kate The Clown’s website. Please keep in mind that colors and images are all editable and are to be considered placeholders at this point. The focus at this stage is the basic framework of the design and placement of elements. We are seeking final approval on the concept so we can move forward.

The overall design is modern and bold yet sophisticated enough to give weight to the brand. We wanted to create a platform where variability in the audience targeted at any given time is driven by the big oversized images, thereby giving the ability to hit several market sectors as the images rotate on the homepage.

Please review the images below and leave any comments, changes, and/or your final approval below. Remember, there may be elements that are animated or that change state with user input that will not be represented in the concepts. Please contact your account exec if you have questions about those objects. If you are giving your final approval please copy and paste the following statement into the reply section below:

“I [your name], approve of the above content and give my consent to move to the next stage in the project.”


Site Concept V1.0 


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  • Denise Cummings says:

    “I Denise Cummings, approve of the above content and give my consent to move to the next stage in the project.”

    In the “What are you waiting for?” box the word “bring” is mispelled, you have it as “gring”

    In one of the four boxes in the middle, I would like to change the phrase “world class balloon art” to “Creative, interactive Balloon Art”

    I will work on some more content today, as per Randall & I discussion on 9-18-13.

  • Denise Cummings says:

    In the top box with “Smiles all around”, replace the word “acts” with the word “entertainers”

    I want to eliminate the entire Price List page & content.

    When designing the business card, could we put ” and Friends” below the large “Cowgirl Kate” font? We can discuss more on the biz card later.

    I’m getting an email setup too, correct? denise@cowgirlkatethe clown…..

  • Denise Cummings says:

    I have a PO Box now for the business address.

    It is: PO Box 494
    Peculair, Mo 64078

  • Denise Cummings says:

    Are you goning to work on my site? I recieved an email on Oct. 3rd at 8:39am saying there would be progress added to my staging area in 48 hrs. It’s been 96 hrs. Please give me a status update. Thank you.

  • Denise Cummings says:

    Correction, I mean 120hrs.

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