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This the website concept for your organization. Taking minimal inspiration from your current site we have created a new look for you that is both contemporary and inviting.

Please review the images below and leave any comments, changes, and/or your final approval below. Remember, there may be elements that are animated or that change state with user input that will not be represented in the concepts. Please contact your account exec if you have questions about those objects. If you are giving your final approval please copy and paste the following statement into the reply section below:

“I [your name], approve of the above content and give my consent to move to the next stage in the project.”


Website Concept


2 Responses

  • rogerhorne says:

    I want the overall dominant color to be blue instead of the brown. i also want the church name to be Lee’s Summit First Church. we can identify us as assembly of God in the section “about us”. I love the part about “we are thrilled and honored” but I want the church name there to be Lee’s Summit First.

    I really like the pictures also but maybe give me some people of color instead of all “white folk” ….lol…..

    I can’t wait to see the next draft……Roger

  • rogerhorne says:

    I forgot to add this…..

    under the title name of Lee’s Summit First Church, i want a tag line that we are going to incorporate as our statement of our A,B,C’s….
    it needs to say….

    “Unquestionably……Authentic, Bold and Compassionate” maybe in a different font than the name of the church….thanks…Roger

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