So the Super Bowl came and went for another year and even if your team didn’t win, you may have at least found some enjoyment in the commercials. Commanding the most expensive prices of all airtime, great creative minds are put to work to come up with some of the best 15, 30 and 60 second spots you’re ever likely to see. Past greats include the famous Apple “1984? commercial, the ad from 1999 and most recently the Mom’s boyfriend slappin’ Dorito kid. YouTube is hosting the ads (all 63 of them) from the 2011 Super Bowl on the AdBlitz YouTube site where you can share and vote for your favorites. Check it out!

This is the fourth straight year of the contest, but Facebook is now running their own competition as well. The Facebook Replay contest began in real time, as users are still clicking “Like” on their favorite bits. Their contest will go on until February 10, while the Ad Blitz lasts until Valentine’s Day.

What was your favorite?

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