fbcustomizeimagesThe redesign for timeline has been tested in New Zealand and other parts of the world, but Facebook announced Wednesday that it will start officially rolling out the new look to select users immediately. Much like Facebook’s updated news feed, the goal for timeline is to reduce clutter and place more options in the hands of users. The new design has about content and open graph actions on the left side of the page, with posts on the right side.

Here’s a look at what the new timeline officially looks like. It will be rolled out randomly to all users around the globe, in waves. A Facebook spokesperson told AllFacebook that this change does not affect pages’ timelines just yet, only personal profiles.



With this update, the about section, as well as friends, photos, and application activity, are all on the left side. This is totally customizable. If users want their activity from Words with Friends on the top of the left-hand column, they can do that. If they want their latest Instagram photos to be at the top, they can do that. Facebook wants to put more control over the look of timeline into users’ hands.


A Facebook spokesperson talked with AllFacebook about the motivation behind the redesign:

With the announcements that we’re making today, for users, there’s now one place for the things that they care about on their timeline. The new sections on the about page give people a place to show what’s happening with the activity that they’re taking in with these apps … We’re trying to honor the content, and just step out of the way and let the content speak for itself. With the improvements to timeline, it definitely now has a cleaner layout.
Users now have greater options for sharing information regarding media, such as books, TV, and movies. Through the new layout, Facebook users can identify not only what they already enjoy, but what they want to see, watch, and read in the future.

Facebook described how the new timeline will change the way users interact with apps:

The update makes apps more prominent by giving them new sections in the left column of timeline and on the about page. The new visual sections give you a way to add content from apps like Pinterest, Quora, Instagram, Etsy, Fab, and Foursquare directly to your timeline. You can also collect stories from movies, TV, music, book, and fitness apps into sections. It’s easy to organize your app stories into boxes on your profile, rearrange the boxes, and add content inline from desktop or mobile.


Facebook told AllFacebook that new timeline users will begin seeing a new version of timeline in their native iOS apps immediately, while Android will be updated in the coming weeks.

Brittany Darwell, editor of sister site Inside Facebook, noticed that app activity has been enhanced on her Facebook iOS app:


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