What happens to candidates’ Facebook pages after an election? It’s a question no one has really had to address before, but prior to the 2012 election, more than 110,000 political Facebook pages were created, including more than 11,000 for candidates, so it’s hard to ignore. The Washington Post first picked up on the drop in Mitt Romney‘s Facebook fans Friday, when the GOP presidential nominee’s page was hemorrhaging 593 likes per hour.

By Saturday, Mashable reported friends fleeing at a rate of 847 per hour, and the site reported that by Monday morning, Romney’s Facebook page continued to lose around 11 likes every minute.

A web site, Disappearing Romney, was launched to track the trend in real-time.

Romney still has a respectable 12 million Facebook fans despite the sharp decrease after Election Day. It’s worth noting that the pages of Romney and his running mate, Paul Ryan, sat silent for four days until Saturday, when Romney posted a message thanking his supporters, which wasn’t surprising, since the last official day for many staffers was Friday.

President Barack Obama has had problems of a different sort when it comes to Facebook. A Turlock, Calif., woman took to her Facebook page with a controversial post shortly after Election Day:

Another four years of this (n-word.) Maybe he will get assassinated this term.

As President Harry Truman once said, “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.”


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