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Google Makes Its Austin Fiber Plans Official: Texas City Will Be Connected By Mid-2014

Google has finally made it official: Austin will be the second city, after Kansas City, for Google Fiber, its high-speed broadband Gigabit internet and TV service. The news, made at an announcement in Austin just now, comes after three years of campaigning by the city. The aim is for the first homes in Austin to be connected by … Read more

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Facebook Adds Weather Info To Events Pages, Locations

Invited to a friend’s picnic or barbeque on Facebook, but unsure if you should bring a coat or just arrive in a T-shirt? Facebook wants to help. The company announced that it will start adding weather information to event pages and locations, showing a general forecast and an estimate of high and low temperatures. Events … Read more

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Hashtags May Be Coming to Facebook

Facebook is reportedly working on incorporating the hashtag into the social network. A Twitter staple, the Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook has plans to bring the hashtag to its service, offering users the ability to index conversations around a particular topic, just as they currently do on Twitter. Sources ”familiar with the matter” told the Journal that while Facebook is working … Read more

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STUDY: If A Facebook Post Hasn’t Gone Viral In Three Hours, It Probably Won’t

Give it three hours, and then move on to the next one: That advice comes from Facebook analytics and advertising company Optimal, in reference to how long it should take for page administrators to determine if their content has gone viral. According to proprietary analysis by Optimal, 75 percent of post-level engagement for Facebook pages occurs within the first three hours … Read more

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UPDATED: Facebook Begins Rolling Out New, Customizable Timeline

The redesign for timeline has been tested in New Zealand and other parts of the world, but Facebook announced Wednesday that it will start officially rolling out the new look to select users immediately. Much like Facebook’s updated news feed, the goal for timeline is to reduce clutter and place more options in the hands of users. The new design … Read more

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Facebook Showing Off ‘New Look’ for News Feed March 7

Facebook has invited reporters to its Menlo Park headquarters on March 7 to take a look at its new News Feed. A redesigned version of Timeline is already being tested in New Zealand. We had a friend capture some screenshots of the redesign for us, which features a new look for the toolbar at the top of … Read more

Facebook’s $1 messages: One more way to get your credit card

The latest update to Facebook Messages did more than just change a few settings. It’s also a sign of the social network seeking yet an opportunity to encourage impulse purchases.   (Credit: Facebook) Facebook, which began the year with a reputation for caring more about its users than about making a buck, is ending the … Read more

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Twitter and American Express Team Up To Let You Purchase With Hashtags

Looking to buy a new Kindle Fire or Xbox product? How about making your purchase through a hashtag? Twitter has teamed up with American Express to allow purchases on the site, raising questions about the company’s future in e-commerce. Looking to make a new purchase from Amazon, Sony, or Xbox? How about making your purchase … Read more

Facebook Unveils a Smarter Search Engine

Now we know what Facebook is building: a better internal search system. Speaking at a much-hyped event at Facebook HQ, founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a raft of improvements to “graph search” — that is, the ability to search within your social graph for specifics. The search improvements involve the ability to ask questions in regular English, … Read more

Technology That May Change the World: Let’s Talk

All across this developing world, you could see new technologies benefiting people in different ways. The researchers and innovators are trying their best to make it accessible to people of different walks of life by making it affordable and simple to use. In today’s fast growing world, man is dominated by different technologies, which seems to … Read more

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