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Report: Facebook’s News Reader May Debut in January

                The service, which is called “Paper,” will reportedly operate in a manner similar to Flipboard, a news aggregator that pulls in social updates alongside news stories from publications of interest to the user. Paper will definitely incorporate Facebook posts, according to Re/Code. It is still unclear whether Paper will … Read more

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Google+ Rolls Out Vanity URLs to All Linked Pages?

          I received an email from Google+ today indicating that one of my pages was now eligible for a unique custom URL.       Upon further review of a number of pages I manage, I noticed all had the ability to now claim the custom URL, so long as they … Read more

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Official: Google Rolling Out App Launcher, Flat Logo

The testing is over. Google has confirmed its plans to add a new app launcher to the main Google navigation bar that will give users quicker access to other Google products. It’s the same grid-style app launcher that many users will already recognize from Android devices and Chromebook computers. Google has been testing this nav launcher since February, if … Read more

Facebook Testing Trending Topics Module

Hashtags and trending topics: Must be Twitter, right? Not so fast: The Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook is testing a trending topics section in its News Feed, featuring hashtags that are popular at that moment. A Facebook spokeswoman confirmed the test to the Journal, saying:We are running a small test of a unit on News Feed. Right now, it is only … Read more

Google Glass could be the greatest gift to emergency response since the walkee-talkee

In the not-too-distant future, Google Glass could be as essential to firefighters as the water hose. So argues communications company Mutualink, which is working on applications for Glass that would give first responders a variety of new and powerful tools to help them do their jobs. Put simply: The future of emergency response will be real-time, hands-free, … Read more

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Facebook Introduces Embeddable Posts

In an effort to inject Facebook into more public conversations, the company on Wednesday introduced embeddable posts that will let blogs and news organizations include status updates, videos and photos in stories. The posts work in the same way as embeds from Twitter and YouTube. Once your account is enabled, you will have the option to “Embed post.” That will … Read more

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Google kicks AT&T out of Starbucks

Google will soon provide free Wi-Fi inside all 7,000 Starbucks locations in the United States, the company announced today. Until now, AT&T has provided the free Wi-Fi inside locations, but apparently Google has kicked it out with the promise of faster speeds. Google says most locations will get speeds up to 10 times faster than … Read more

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Google Chromecast turns regular TVs into Internet-media smart TVs

Google just revealed a tiny HDMI dongle that connects to your plain old, non-smart TV, letting you send YouTube videos, Netflix movies, Pandora music and other content from the Internet to the television, all controlled by a phone, tablet or laptop. The controlling device doesn’t stream the content to the TV, which would drain the … Read more

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Google+ Update Makes It Easier to See What Your Friends Like

Google is making it easier for you to discover what your friends like on Google+. Starting Tuesday the company is going to start highlighting posts that have been +1’d by people in your circles on your stream, as well as highlighting some of your own well-received posts to your friends in their mainstream on Google+. The … Read more

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Facebook to Launch Graph Search Monday

Facebook will launch its upgraded search engine Monday. Originally announced in January 2013 and dubbed Graph Search, the new search engine lets you search your Facebook social graph for people, places, photos and interests. With the new search engine, users will be able to ask specific questions, such as “which of my friends live in … Read more

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