Alas, cyberattackers will continue to focus on Facebook in 2011.

According to AppRiver, Facebook’s popularity makes it appealing to hackers and other cybervillains. Expect to see more of the same phishing and malware in 2011 that hit the social network this year.

While that’s not good news, the bright side is that it could be worse — the consultancy doesn’t say that bigger and nastier viruses are coming. Rather, expect more of the “tried and true methods that have worked in the past.”

However, things that work in the past don’t necessarily continue to do so. People on the social network have gotten pretty good at warning each other about spamware scams and the like.

And not only are they learning to report these things to Facebook, but they’re showing signs that they can spot malware ahead of time and avoid clicking on it. I believe this awareness will grow in 2011.

Trouble is, that will only force the spammers and hackers to become more resourceful and cook up novel schemes that don’t fit any of the patterns we’ve been noticing so far.

Readers, what do you expect to see in security trends on Facebook next year?

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