Mmm, pie! Who don’t love delicious pie?

Let’s take a moment to imagine just how nom-a-licious 3.14 pounds of apple crisp would be right now. Or oreo cookie pie with delicious creme filling. Or strawberry-stuffed graham cracker crust with that amazing red glaze that tastes like candy — oh man! I’m hungry. Are you hungry?

For those of you completely clueless on why we’re suddenly posting about pies on the LeverDigital Blog, here’s the quick and dirty definition for Pi Day straight from UrbanDictionary:


 Pi Day
March 14. A “holiday” celebrated by math geeks everywhere. Pi is approximately 3.14, and March the 14th is 3/14.


Get it? Pi? Pie? 3.14? March 14?

Math analogies and wordplay. Doesn’t get any cooler than that.

From our geeky team to you, we hope you have an amazing Pi Day.
And take it easy on that lemon meringue! Or pizza pie. Whichever, really — we were just looking for a cool excuse to eat pie today.

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