If you’ve been out of the loop, GoDaddy, a Web-hosting and domain-registration company, had widespread outages on Monday. Millions of websites and email accounts were affected by the downed servers. GoDaddy responded first by fixing things and getting customers back online. They then handled the media firestorm with transparency and timely responses. Now, the company has gone a step further.

If you use GoDaddy, you might want to check your email inbox because they’ve issued a public statement/apology, AND have done something that i’ve always wanted to see cable providers and other subscription services do… offer a credit for the down time experienced. True, many of the websites may have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales and leads, but the credit is a great step forward. So check your email and look for your “gift” of apology.  They only  give you seven days to redeem it. This is the email that one of our site maintenance clients received today:

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