As Father’s Day nears, increasing numbers of Facebook users are uploading photos of their dads and making them the main profile image.

We don’t know exactly how photos of fathers became the most viral meme for main profile images.

When a similar phenomenon happened during the week of Mother’s Day, on the Friday before the holiday, we’d gotten a press release from the AIDS awareness group (RED) claiming to have started the trend, and that making mom your main image was supposed to show support for fighting AIDS.

It’s not difficult to see why photos of parents become pretty catchy as viral campaigns. For Father’s Day, the photos it’s a chance to show their dad in the best light possible — when they were young, vital and invincible.

Psychology Today published an online article entitled, “What Good are Fathers?” finding there are more than 35,000 studies on fathers and how they impact their children. Father’s Day is a big deal and many people want to simply tell their dad’s story like this family in Binghamton, NY:

We’ll take out pictures or we’ll watch videos or we’ll sit around having a big cook out and then we’ll go to the cemetery. We tell our 14 grandchildren about their great grandpa.

Social media like Facebook makes that sharing process incredibly easy and provides a launching pad for return comments from friends. There’s even a new service called the Remembrance Process which encourages social media as a conduit to sharing memories of your dad within your own social circles.

So, if your dad is gone — or even if you’re lucky enough to still have him here — you might find yourself tempted to share a photo of him with your Facebook friends.

Are you seeing those dad photos popping up on your friends’ profiles?

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