You can now convert a personal profile into a business page.

The social network never formally announced this new capability but Facebook’s help center explains how to convert a profile to a page.

In fact, seven different help entries describe this process, making it look like this has been an option all along when in fact it’s news to us — as it was for blogger Josh Constine.

Converting a profile into a page retains all of one’s friends as fans, but all other information gets lost in the process if a user doesn’t first copy and save all of their personal information onto their computer.

And once you convert your profile into a page, there’s no way to reverse the process.

Facebook’s help center describes how to download the contents of one’s profile in ample detail.

The ability to convert a profile to a page seems like a logical next step in functionality for the site, given how Facebook redesigned the layouts of profiles and pages to look alike.

Converting a profile into a page would suit someone who is simply more interested in maintaining a business presence on the site than a personal one. Small companies and sole proprietors might have a stronger inclination to do this, but so would page administrators whose usage of Facebook has become so professionally focused that they no longer use it for their own social lives.

Readers, would you ever convert your personal profile to a business page, and for what reasons?


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