weatheranimationInvited to a friend’s picnic or barbeque on Facebook, but unsure if you should bring a coat or just arrive in a T-shirt? Facebook wants to help. The company announced that it will start adding weather information to event pages and locations, showing a general forecast and an estimate of high and low temperatures.

Events that have set locations, and which occur within 10 days, will now have general weather forecasts and figures for the high and low temperatures. Clicking on this information will lead users to Weather Underground for more information. This will start happening on both desktop and mobile.

This feature may not be available immediately, but Facebook said it will roll out starting Thursday.


When users create events at set places (i.e., parks or businesses), weather information will be displayed in the event creation prompt. This way, users can see if it may rain on their picnic, or if it’s all good for a day of fun in the sun.


Weather information will also show when users check event pages on their mobile devices.


A Facebook spokesperson commented about the new feature in an email:

To get more information about the weather, you can click through to see Weather Underground’s full conditions, forecasts, and satellite imagery. Thanks to its localized weather stations, we’re able to provide results tailored to the particular location within cities (not just the city’s overall weather). This is important for places like San Francisco, where the climate can vary dramatically from block to block. Current conditions will also be shown on places pages like parks, cities, and neighborhoods.

Readers: Does this help when planning events?


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