Ok so the caps on the subject line probably aren’t necessary, but we wanted to grab your attention.

You probably already know, or you should know, that all Facebook personal profiles will be moving to the new Timeline in less than a week. We totally embrace the Timeline and we personally feel it’s the best thing Facebook has done to improve the experience on the site. The feel and look are truly amazing.

But, we haven’t had any clear news about when/if Timeline would come to pages.   We have assumed, like many, that at some point it will come to pages. Afterall every other profile change also has gotten implemented on pages eventually. Usually about 6 months later.

Well, we just read on Business Insider that Facebook will be announcing on February 29 at their Facebook Marketing Conference that Timeline is in fact coming to pages.

According to Business Insider a Facebook spokesperson said the following:

“..we believe that consistency in both functionality and appearance increase use of Facebook.  We hope to make Pages more consistent with the Timeline in the future, but we have nothing further to share at this time…”

The article quotes two un-named sources from Facebook saying that an announcement will be made letting the world know that Timeline will be coming to pages. Another source told them:

“At Facebook they pushed back the launch of Timeline for brands to the end of February,” a source who has been briefed by Facebook ad sales executives told us.”

This will be a HUGE change to page owners as this will flip your page completely upside down. The last change to pages when Facebook moved the tabs from the top of the page to the sidebar caused mass hysteria! We can only imagine what this will do!

Personally we think this will be a good thing as the cover photo is an amazing piece of real estate that can really make your brand stand out. But it does mean you’ll need to create all new images for your pages as the long sidebar image will be gone and replaced with a thumbnail and a cover photo.

It also means the 5 images that randomly rotate at the top of your page will be gone. Those images can be great if you use them correct, but is rather annoying since you can’t control the order.

The other upside to this change to Timeline for pages is that posts will be seen more and not pushed to the bottom of the page. Which has always been an issue.  Posts get old too fast under the current format.

We do have some questions that will need to be answered though about this switch to Timeline for pages:

  1. What happens to our tabs/apps? Do they go away? Surely not. Too many major brands use them. But where will they be placed? Will it be image boxes like on personal Timelines? Time will tell.
  2. Can pages still have a landing tab? With a Like Gate?
  3. Will the About section be as prominent as it is now?
  4. What happens to the “Featured Pages” option?
  5. What about the “Featured Admin” option?
  6. How will we access insights?
  7. Will the photos on the page just be a block like they are on the Timeline for profiles?
  8. What about Like count? Where is it shown?
  9. Will thee be a separate “Activity feed” section like there are with personal Timelines? (ie music you listen to, articles you read and etc with the new Open Graph apps)
  10. Will pages be able to Feature a post? If so this will be awesome!

We’re sure Facebook will answer all of these eventually and we can’t wait. We for one love change, but we can already hear the uprising and hatred about the change!! Bring it on!!


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