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Google To Protest SOPA, PIPA With Homepage Link

Wednesday, January 18th is scheduled to be a internet-wide day of protest, as sites big and small are going dark for the day to express their disapproval of the SOPA / PIPA legislation. SOPA Blackout Day will see sites like Wikipedia, reddit, Mozilla, and Failblog cease normal operations in order to spread the message that … Read more

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Facebook ‘Featured Story’ Ads Now Showing Directly In Users’ News Feeds

Last month Facebook announced that sponsored story ads would soon be integrated directly into users’ news feed.  It has been confirmed that these paid featured stories are now appearing in news feeds.  The ads will look quite similar to traditional wall posts with the ability to contain text and imagery. The sponsored posts will feature a subtle … Read more

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Google updates Google+ hangouts with a new look and screen sharing

One day after adding hangouts to the Google+ iOS app, Google’s turning back to the web, adding a few new features and overhauling the look and feel of its video chat system. The biggest new feature is the ability to share your screen with the other people on your call, similar to the way Skype … Read more

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Facebook Business Cards Are Here: 200,000 Users Get Free Bundles

MOO Cards, the makers of MiniCards—petite-sized business cards the size of a stick of gum—DIY business cards, and postcards, wants to make artsy business cards out of your Facebook Timeline. MOO Cards has partnered with Facebook to make what are simply dubbed Facebook Cards. Each Facebook Card is made from a template using your Facebook … Read more

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Facebook Announces the Suggested Events Feature

Facebook announced the official launch of the suggested events feature. The social network began testing the feature last month, replacing the friends’ events tab under the homepage’s events bookmark with suggested events, which mine data from users’ previous check-ins and combine that information with events that friends are attending and events hosted by pages users … Read more

10 Ways To Keep Your Facebook Fans Following You

Facebook has over 800 million members, all of whom might be potential customers for your company. That’s great, but it doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t interact with those who currently like your page. Here are 10 ways to keep your page in your followers’ news feeds — and in their minds. Ask Questions Whether … Read more

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Facebook Says Listen and Watch. Advertisers Get Ready.

Facebook is breaking the mold again!   In September, Facebook announced the Timeline, the new open graph, and social actions (verbs, essentially), which would let people go well beyond the “like” when sharing Facebook content. “[We’re] going to make it so you can connect to anything you want in any way you want,” said Facebook … Read more

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Facebook Unites with Internet Giants Who Sanctions Piracy Bill

Facebook and seven other major online companies have endorsed an alternative online piracy bill that they believe would keep the Internet open and foster innovation.  What does this mean for you? The Online Protection and Enforcement of Digital Trade, or OPEN Act, is co-sponsored by Republican Representative Darrell Issa of California and Senator Ron Wyden, a Democrat from … Read more

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Microsoft Says Farewell To Internet Explorer 6

In news that is sure to excite some, possibly upset others, and leave everyone else feeling an emotion that is somewhere between nostalgia and relief, Microsoft is officially bidding a fond farewell to Internet Explorer 6. According to data from Net Applications, IE6?s market share in the United States has just dropped under the 1% … Read more

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