The Humble Business Card Gets Superpowers With NFC [EXCLUSIVE]

Apple may have skipped near-field communication in the iPhone 5, but that hasn’t stopped everyone else from getting on board the NFC train. The latest passenger:, which just started experimenting with NFC business cards, with a planned rollout in 2013. You may remember Moo as the folks who brought us Facebook business cards earlier this year. Now they’re giving the whole … Read more

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Facebook Reacts To Blown Football Call

The moment feared by anyone associated with the National Football League, from Commissioner Roger Goodell down to the fans, happened Monday night, as a highly controversial call by a replacement referee gave the Seattle Seahawks a gift victory over theGreen Bay Packers. And Facebook users were quick to react, with one meme, in particular, spreading like wildfire. On the final play … Read more

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself If your Online Business isn’t making Money

Many set out with the assumption that setting up an online business is affordable, easier than running an actual business premises, and once the site is live, the hard work is over. However in reality, the cost of running and online business and getting it set up to begin with can be hugely costly depending … Read more

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ScuffGate? Some Early Adopters Claim iPhone 5 Case Is Scratch-tacular.

It wouldn’t be another iPhone launch without a surrounding air of controversy. Or two. Complaints about the new Apple-created Maps in iOS 6 continue to pour in, as users find more things that appear to be a step back from the previous Google Maps-powered application. But the software issues may only scratch the surface of … Read more

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eBay straightens out its logo after 17 years

A lot has changed on the internet over the last 17 years, but one of the small constants has been eBay’sdecidedly 90s logo, which has remained colorful and off-kilter as others have shifted with the trends. Now, after all these years, it’s finally making a clean break (mostly). The company today took the wraps off a … Read more

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The BIGGEST Mistakes in Web Design

September 13th, 2012
The BIGGEST Mistakes in Web Design

There are many factors to keep in mind when designing a website. Sometimes in the vast scope of Web projects, however, some simple design mistakes inadvertently occur and may have a detrimental effect on website success. There are so many preventable errors that occur when creating new websites that listing them all would be impractical, … Read more

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GoDaddy Sends Heart Felt Apology And Account Credit After Crash

If you’ve been out of the loop, GoDaddy, a Web-hosting and domain-registration company, had widespread outages on Monday. Millions of websites and email accounts were affected by the downed servers. GoDaddy responded first by fixing things and getting customers back online. They then handled the media firestorm with transparency and timely responses. Now, the company has gone … Read more

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GoDaddy: Service Is Fully Restored, And It Was Not A Hack

On Monday, GoDaddy experienced a big outage, as you probably know by now. The company is now saying that service is fully restored, and that despite one Anonymous member’s claim that he was responsible, GoDaddy is saying that it was not a hack, nor was it caused by any external influences. Here’s the full statement … Read more

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GoDaddy Outage Takes Out Millions Of Sites; Supposed Anonymous Member Claims Credit

NEW YORK (AP) — Thousands and possibly millions of websites hosted by were down Monday, causing trouble for the mainly small businesses that rely on the service. A Twitter feed that claims to be affiliated with the “Anonymous” hacker group says it was behind the outage, but this couldn’t be confirmed. Another Twitter account, … Read more

The Hidden Cost Of Cheap SEO & Social Media Labor

Fact: All businesses, large or small, want to save money wherever they can. We understand this. We sympathize with this. What we don’t understand, however, is why so many businesses try to take the cheap route and cut corners in their online strategy— and then are dumbfounded when they get scammed/receive terrible results/get blocked by … Read more

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