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10 Reasons Why I Don’t Buy From You

No matter how great a product, service, category or industry seems, there is always room for innovation that can drive more sales. Often times we unknowingly create barriers to purchases simply because we don’t understand they exist as they aren’t insurmountable, just annoying. Or, we leave industry-accepted barriers in place because that’s just the way … Read more

Facebook Adds Emoticons To Desktop Chat

They cannot be killed. They only come back stronger. Zombies? No: Emoticons, which Facebook added to its chat feature for desktop users. Facebook announced the addition in a post on its Facebook Tips page: You can now easily add smiley faces and other emoticons to a conversation when you’re chatting with your friends. Look for the icon in the bottom-right … Read more

Google launches Endangered Languages website to save 3,000 at-risk tongues

Google lets users surf the web in 40-plus languages, and its Translate service accounts for 57 different tongues, but those numbers are dwarfed by the grand total of 7,000 currently existing languages. On its official blog today, the company announced the Endangered Languages Project, a website dedicated to preserving at-risk dialects by providing information via audio, video … Read more

Facebook Officially Launches App Center

The leak is now a launch, as Facebook began rolling out its app center to users in the U.S. Thursday night, saying that it will be available to all users “in the coming weeks.” App center is available via the Facebook applications for Apple’s iOS and Android, as well as via Users who discover apps on the latter can tap the send … Read more

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Twitter Improves Realtime Search While Google Lacks It

Twitter continues to position itself over Google for breaking news Twitter announced some new improvements to its Discover tab.  It’s getting more personalized, and will begin surfacing content based on tweets that are popular among people you follow and who they follow. “The Discover tab’s new design shows who tweeted about particular stories,” explains Twitter VP of Product, … Read more

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