How Will Facebook CyberAttackers Fare In 2011?

Alas, cyberattackers will continue to focus on Facebook in 2011. According to AppRiver, Facebook’s popularity makes it appealing to hackers and other cybervillains. Expect to see more of the same phishing and malware in 2011 that hit the social network this year. While that’s not good news, the bright side is that it could be … Read more

Top 10 End-of-Year Office Upgrades (You Can Probably Write Off)

By this time next week, it’ll be next year—and too late to turn a great investment in your work life into a lower tax burden in April. Splurge wisely on yourself with these write-off-friendly wishlist items. Photo by jnyemb. Republished from end of December, 2009, but we think you’ll find that all of these upgrades still … Read more

5 Predictions for Startups in 2011

How we engage with the people, places and things around us is ever-changing thanks to rapid improvements in mobile and web technologies. The speed at which this evolution takes place will only continue to accelerate in 2011 with the help of fledgling startups who will push the boundaries around geolocation, mobile photos, entertainment services, community … Read more

LeverDigital @ Landahl

December 8th, 2010
LeverDigital @ Landahl

The LeverDigital team donated lots of sweat equity at the Landahl volunteer bike trail workday on December 4th. Giving back to one of our favorite pass times… Mountain biking! You can find several of the LeverDigital team members on the trails at Landahl, Swope Park, Blue Ridge, and Blue River Trace in the Kansas City … Read more